Equity Advisory

Venture Capital and private equity funding :

  • Private equity is another way of inviting shares from the market to help in the capital formation through private companies or other big investors. The funds raised through private equity can be used to develop new products and technologies, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions, or to strengthen a company's balance sheet. We have got arrangements with large number of such investors for arranging private equity for our esteemed clients.
    It is a synonym for financing a new business. In other words, investors provide money to start firms and businesses that they perceive to have a long-term growth potential. This is a very important source of generating required funds for beginning a new project. Especially useful for those who do not have easy access to capital markets due to a high risk factor for the investor but have the potential for above-average returns.
  • FDI: The present government's policy is laying special emphasis on the need for Direct Foreign Investment in India in all sectors i.e. Large, Medium and Small. Our focus area in FDIs lies on Medium and Small-scale industries in the sectors of Power, Non- Conventional Energy Sources, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Real Estates and Agriculture.

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