Debt Solution

Fund Based & Non Fund Based Solutions:

Fortune provides customized Fund based and non fund based solutions in order to fulfill all liquidity needs of its clients. We assist our clients to build infrastructure, diversify, modernize and expand their existing projects. Some of our primary Fund based and non fund based services include:

  • Project financing: Drafting project reports as per the Banking Norms on the basis of analyzed previous data and information provided by the client. It includes all the information of the company, its' Business activities, vision of promoters and assessment of their credit worthiness to take loan from the Banks/Financial Institutions.
  • Working Capital Financing: The working capital loans are specifically meant to cater to day to day need of any business. We have arrangements with number of private/ public sector banks and big financial institutions for arranging C.C. Limit, O.D. Limit, and L/C Limit at very competitive rate of interests.
  • Term loans are usually required for creating fixed assets for the business such as land, building, plant, machinery, expansions etc. Our ready tie-ups with Banks/Financial Institution help our clients in getting term loans to meet their long term requirements to buy, install or expand projects any where in the vast geographical stretch of India.
  • Commercial paper placement: We help corporates to meet their short term fund requirement through CPs. Listed corporates having “A”+ rating can enjoy to raise CPs at best competitive rates.

Conventional Banking:

  • Equipment Loans: We help providing our clients loans to buy equipments as well as machinery on the best terms in the market.
  • Buyer’s credit: Buyer's credit is the credit availed by an Importer (Buyer) from overseas Lenders i.e. Banks and Financial Institutions for payment of his Imports on due date. We provide the effective cost saving product to remain competitive in market.

Non- Conventional Banking:

  • Factoring services:
  • Domestic
  • Export
  • Import
  • Reverse
  • With recourse
  • Without recourse
  • Any debtor factoring
  • Corporate loans: We provide funding to SMEs as well as Mid corporates in the form of corporate loans to bridge the gap of their working capital needs and help them to come out of the liquidity crunch.
  • Unsecured lending: we have tie ups with all financial institutions along with private sector banks who lends to good businesses to grow by providing funds without any collateral/security.

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